There are many kinds of Garment factories functioning throughout the country, some are state owned and the others are private sector. In Sri Lanka, one of the leading local market Garment factories is Rashima Garment factory in Kurunegala.

Rashima Garment factory established in 1990 is a family-run business comprising of a partnership between two brothers A.R.M.Rasmi and A.R.M.Raseen, who have had immense experience in Garment manufacturing sector both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Their father, Mr.Raheem ventured into the manufacturing business initially in early 1970s, established sound business relationships with the Japanese textile trade. He was an indigenous entrepreneur, identified as the power of branding shirt manufacturer

With the immense strength of the Rashima brand in the local market, an aggressive drive was put in place to increase the dealership across the country. Its brand has continuously achieved substantial growth through the country.