MAIN OBJECTIVE

In the modern world, day by day every nation has an objective as to how it should make self-sufficient in various field. In this way, Rashima Garment also looks forward to increase its product in accordance with the world standard.

Rashima is today a leading Garment factory for the domestic market, although it has plans to enter the international market in near future. It is confident that it could compete effectively with any international brand. It already has a presence in the Maldives and they intend to enter the Middle Eastern Markets before eventually expanding to Western markets namely EU and USA. They are also one of the very few Sri Lankan garment manufacturers, who manufacture local brands as well as international brands.

Rashima, with its rich heritage in shirt making and having experience in producing shirts for internationally acclaimed brands will certainly enable them to lead the way in the innovative venture,

In the long run, they are confident, that their designers will gain knowledge from working with the high profile executive and in turn they will pass their new knowledge to the whole of Sri Lanka.

Every Garment factory is looking forward to improve their standard of production to compete with others in the market. Therefore, in the garment business, the prime objective is to make sure, that the material used for the purpose of producing garments should be better. For this, the Garment producer should have a good knowledge in the field of organizing the garment factory to function in a better way.

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